Sintren (Part-1)

Why named Sintren?

image In terms of language origins (etymology) is a combination Sintren two syllables "Si" and "trends". The Java language means "he" or "she" and "trend" means "tri" or calls from the word "princess" (Sugiarto, 1989:15). So Sintren is "The princess" who became the protagonist in the traditional arts Sintren.

Legend Sintren

Art Sintren begins from folklore / legends that are trusted by the community and has two versions.

The first version, based on the legendary story of romance Sulasih and R. Sulandono a son of the Regent in Mataram Joko Bahu, or known by the name Bahureksom, and Rr. Rantamsari. Sulasih and R. Sulandono romance not sanctioned by the parent R. Sulandono. So, R. Sulandono mother was ordered to be imprisoned and given a piece of cloth ("sniffer") as a means to meet with sulasih later after the completion of his meditation site. While Sulasih ordered to become a dancer in every village clean event was held as a requirement can be met R. Sulandono

Just when the full moon ceremonies are held in net rural folk held a variety of performances, that's when sulasih dancing as part of the show, and R. Sulandono down from his retreat clandestinely with a handkerchief of her mother. Sulasih who danced and then enter the power of the spirit of Rr. Rantamsari so experienced "trance" and it was also R. Sulandono threw her handkerchief so sulasih fainted. When sulasih "trance / intruding spirit / possession" of this so-called "Sintren", and at the R. Sulandono threw her handkerchief referred to as "Balangan". With his knowledge of R. Sulandono, Sulasih then finally able to escape and they can be brought to realize his ideals to unite in marriage.

The second version, Sintren love story against the background of Ki Joko Bahu (Bahurekso) with Rantamsari, which is not approved by Sultan Agung of Mataram king. To separate the love both of them, Sultan Agung Bahurekso ordered to attack the VOC in Batavia. Bahurekso carry out the command of the king went to the VOC by boat Kaladita (Kala-Adi-Ambassador). We parted with that Rantamsari, Bahurekso give a handkerchief as a sign of love.

Shortly memorized word that Bahurekso killed in battle, so Rantamsari so sad to hear of people who loved and be loved is dead. Encouraged by his love is so great and sincere, then try to trace the deaths of Rantamsari Bahurekso. Through the journey along the north coast region Rantamsari disguised as a dancer by the name of Goddess sulasih Sintren. With the help of sniffer Ki Bahurekso finally Goddess Ki Bahurekso Rantamsari can see that actually still alive.

Because Bahurekso failure attacked to  Batavia and many of his troops died, then Bahurekso not dare go back to Mataram, but went to Pekalongan along with the intention to continue Dewi Rantamsari hermitage to add to his supernatural powers and strength to attack Batavia later. Since then Dewi Rantamsari can live together with Ki Bahurekso until the end of his life.

The form and presentation Sintren

  • image pre-show, is the commencement of the gamelan as a sign of wasp will start performing arts Sintren and are intended to gather the masses or the audience.
  • Dupan, namely the event accompanied pray together with the goal begging to burn incense to the protection of Almighty God in order for the show to avoid a peril.
  • Forming (making) Sintren.
    Stages of making Sintren conducted by the keeper (pawang) with a prospective dancers Sintren along with four (four) players. Dayang as a symbol of an angel (Java: Widodari patang puluh), as Sintren’s cantrik. Then Sintren seated by the keeper (pawang) in a state of ordinary dress and accompanied the ladies / apprentice. Handler immediately make Sintren dancers gradually, through three stages. Sintren presented in a communicative art between artists and artist and audience together in a performance arena.

    In performing arts Sintren divided into the following sequences:
    Stages of making Sintren done by keeper (pawang) with a prospective dancers Sintren along with four (four) players. Dayang as a symbol of an angel (Java: Widodari patang puluh), as Sintren’s cantrik. Then Sintren seated by the keeper (pawang) in a state of ordinary dress and accompanied the dayang/cantrik.

    Pawang immediately make Sintren dancers gradually, through three stages:

    Stage One, the keepers (pawang) of dancers holding hands Sintren candidate, then placed on the smoke of incense while chanting (mantra) a spell, then the candidate with the rope wrapped around Sintren dancers throughout the body.

    Stage Two, candidates Sintren dancers put into a chicken cage (kurungan) with Sintren fashion and makeup supplies. Moments later the cage was opened, Sintren already dressed up in a state bound by rope, then Sintren closed cage again.

    Third stage, after there were signs Sintren already finished (usually marked cage vibrate / shake) the cage was opened, Sintren have escaped from bondage rope and ready to dance. In addition to doing acrobatic dancing Sintren sometimes there is standing above them in prison while dancing.

    During the show lasted Sintren, burning incense should not be stopped.
  • Balangan and Temohan
    Balangan which is when sintren dancers were dancing from the audience then there is a throw (Java: mbalang) something to the dancers Sintren. Each dancer will hit the Sintren fainted. At that time, the keepers by using certain mantras dancers hands Sintren smoked with incense and transmitted by rubbing the face Sintren dancers with the goal of keeping the spirit of an angel comes again so that dancers can continue to dance again Sintren.
    While Temohan is sintren dancers with nyiru/tampah or tray near the audience to ask for a gesture of thanks rudimentary form of money.
  • Plenary
    The first stage, dancers Sintren put into cages with regular clothes (everyday clothes).
    The second phase, the keepers (pawang) carry around a brazier containing burnt incense while reading a spell (membaca mantra) in prison until released Sintren fashion.
    The third stage, the cage was opened, the dancers dress Sintren already common in a state of unconsciousness. Furthermore, keepers held both hands and put the dancers Sintren above the smoke of incense while reciting mantras until Sintren regain consciousness.


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